Grand Park’s Our LA Voices 2021

April 22, 2021 @ 6:00 pm
Grand Park brings Our LA Voices 2021: A Digital Spring Arts and Culture Fest right to your screens! Join us as we celebrate the multicultural and diverse landscape of Los Angeles County’s arts community through the lens of identity, impact, and resiliency. Tune in every Thursday from April 15-29 at 6PM.


Viet Trap: Live
DJ Lani Love
DJ Lani Love spins a set of hip hop tracks from Vietnam and Vietnamese Diaspora.
Vietnamese New Wave: Then and Now
DJ Lani Love & Elizabeth Ai
Lani Love in conversation with filmmaker and director Elizabeth Ai to discuss Ai’s current project, New Wave Documentary, a project documenting and preserving the sociocultural influence and impact of the popular 80s music genre, New Wave, on Vietnamese diaspora. DJ Lani Love and filmmaker Elizabeth Ai as they chat about the origins of Vietnamese New Wave and its cultural significance then and now.
Creation Stories of the Los Angeles Basin
Department of Cultural Affairs & the NEA Big Read ft. Metzli Projects
Learn about some of the creation stories of the Los Angeles Basin by joining Elder Alan Salazar (Tataviam/Chumash) to hear excerpts from his new book “Tata, the Tataviam Towhee,” a nature story illustrated by Mona Lewis using pigments made from rocks and soil collected in Tataviam territory.
Changing Landscapes (Isle of Eigg): Film Premiere
Arthur King & AKP Recordings
The experimental documentary short Changing Landscapes (Isle of Eigg) was filmed in the Scottish Hebrides. The process, or artistic methodology, of the Changing Landscapes series is focused primarily on field recordings, and is the unchanging framework that allows the location to truly serve as the focus of the art.


Milagros: Live
Department of Cultural Affairs & the NEA Big Read ft. Ofelia Esparza & Rosanna Esparza Ahrens. This session will explore the question, ‘What is the miracle needed right now?’ We will tap into our artistic abilities and create a Milagro to ourselves.
A Conversation With
Jonah Elijah
Conversation with LA-based artist Jonah Elijah, His work encapsulates black life in America and addresses controversial issues that actively affect the African American community. Using materials to explore economic inequality, displacement, or human rights Elijah’s artist practice embraces discomforting realities.
Welcome To My Neighborhood!
Jocelyn Ayala of the dA Center for the Arts
We will take a walk around Downtown Pomona, note our most eye-catching features, and then replicate them onto a vision board for what we would like our neighborhood to look like post-covid.
Recommended Supplies: Paper, pencil, pen, watercolors – and any other art supplies you have at home!
Changing Landscapes (Isle of Eigg): Talk
Arthur King & AKP Recordings
This interview and sneak peek at the Changing Landscapes (Isle of Eigg) Gallery Exhibition features Dublab’s Alejandro Cohen in conversation with Arthur King’s Peter Walker. They discuss the multi-layered project that began on a remote Scottish island, and is now a record, film, and pop-up gallery installation in Los Angeles.


Making Our Neighborhood: Live
Samanta Helou Hernandez & Jimmy Recinos
A two-part informational livestream on how to “Make a Neighborhood” in response to gentrification in historically ethnic and working-class Los Angeles communities. Part one will describe how Jimmy and Samanta first came together and conceptualized a discussion series for their community centered on three themes: historic redlining, current gentrification, and present and future housing affordability issues in the Virgil Village and East Hollywood areas. Part one will also describe the evolution of the discussion series into a public art project, an educational pamphlet campaign, archival research and blog storytelling, and finally, round-table discussions with various community members affected by our series’ three major themes. Finally, Jimmy and Samanta will discuss the importance of language justice and accessibility throughout the process of “Making Our Neighborhood.” Part two will describe Jimmy and Samanta’s final installment for the series, Making Our Neighborhood: The Magazine, discussing the importance of memorializing the findings of the discussion series in a tangible form for communities to access, and telling the stories behind finding the various voices featured in their magazine. Part two will also touch on the need to uplift art and literature in times of hardship, noting how despite many resources “taken” by the pandemic, including public schools, public libraries, and other public spaces, working-class communities can still come together to voice and respond to ongoing struggles, as we have done so historically.
Party In My Living Room
In an intimate setting from his living room, Thurz, LA hip hop artist hailing from Inglewood; will perform songs inspired by the experiences in his community. Thurz will be performing songs from his ‘MORE THURZ ON THURZDAY’ playlist, accompanied by Wali Ali Jr. on talkbox and a special band configuration TBD. In 2020, Thurza released ‘MORE THURZ ON THURZDAY’ playlist, a song per week, every week of the year, from January through December.
Musicians As Workers: Live
Josephine Shetty
Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, there are many examples of music workers building worker power. However, exclusionary union models, individualism, increasing inequality, and technological changes in the music industry have also hindered music workers from massively collectivizing or uniting in solidarity with the rest of the working class. This conversation dives into the meaning of positioning musicians as workers, building broader movements of music workers, and how we can learn from an existing lineage of musicians organizing to build stronger movements of workers today.
Primera Generación Dance Collective
“Rasquachencias” showcases our collective’s past, present, and future works to consolidate a vibrant picture of our Mexican American sociality. This piece explores the power of rasquache play, engaging the possibilities in loud colors, Latinx iconography, and recycled juxtapositions to highlight the creative survival strategies produced by the brown, working-class communities that we grew up in.
Love for the Prairie《苍穹之恋》
Chinese Dance Company of Southern California
The Mongols have always regarded the world as a component of nature, and believe that man and the earth coexist and prosper, and all the phenomena of nature are the products of the earth. “Love for the Prairie” shows the Mongols’ love and reverence for their homeland and nature.

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