Grand Park’s Winter Glow 2019

December 6, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – December 25, 2019 @ 10:00 pm
Grand Park - Performance Lawn and The Music Center Plaza
200 N. Grand Ave.
Los Angeles, CA



Sunset–10:00 p.m.

Locations: Grand Park (between Hill Street and Grand Ave.) to The Music Center Plaza

Expanded across Grand Avenue to include the newly renovated Music Center Plaza, Grand Park’s Winter Glow returns for its second annual nighttime public art display, offering an immersive experience that will span two county locations this holiday season.

As the days shorten and darken, the park will celebrate light as a giver of warmth, a source of beauty and the key component to bringing people together during the fall and winter months. In this interconnectivity, guests and families can share thoughts, identity, and space, making new holiday memories as they stroll through an illuminated and interactive art installation. Familiar pathways and historic fountains will lead to exciting new discoveries as the latest in light and projection technology transform spaces on The Music Center Plaza and in Grand Park.

Installation Descriptions:

by H+ Creative
Walk along the familiar concrete walls and steps into Grand Park and be transformed by the unique digital art projections of the LA-based H+ Creative. Experience the animated work of the H+ Creative artists from across the globe and feel how they connect to the lights of Grand Park’s Winter Glow. See both the conceptual interconnectivity amongst us and spatial connections throughout Los Angeles in this dazzling display of digitally animated work.
Location: Stairs on either side of Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain


Kadkadduwa: When Spirit and Body Meet
by Kayamanan Ng Lahi featuring Alfie Numeric Ebojo + Lakan de Leon
In partnership with Kayamanan Ng Lahi, Los Angeles artist Alfie Ebojo aka alfienumeric and designer Lakandiwa de Leon have combined forces to present a collaborative piece dedicated to the city they love with the unique language of merging two worlds: their ancestral home of the Philippines and their current residence in Los Angeles, here you can order cheap Cialis. This piece is their interpretation of the Christmas parol, a lantern made out of paper and bamboo which is traditionally hung during the holiday season in the Philippines. The parol is widely popular and loved in the islands. This artist duo derives their inspiration from the traditional and connect it to their hopes to invoke unity, goodwill and love in this diverse city.
Location: Olive Court

Fascination 2.0
by Cassandra Carrillo + Carlos G. Rodas
This 20 ft. monumental geometric cranium forms the anamorphic deity that haunts the realms of imagination. Created by Los Angeles-based multimedia artist Cassandra Carrillo and Guatemalan multidisciplinary artist Carlos G. Rodas, Fascination 2.0 seeks to connect all Angelenos through this sculpture of metal and light. Illuminated by animated lights, take part in the hypnotic illusion of the shapes within.
Location: Back of Performance Lawn


by Ambar Navarro
Celebrate the Grand Park’s Winter Glow experience with a dazzling array of colorful black lights that evoke a collective image of downtown Los Angeles. Using historic buildings mixed with icons from popular spots, this installation creates a unique interpretation of the Los Angeles experience capturing details that the normal eye may not see, bringing downtown together with color and light!
Location: south of Performance Lawn


by Aphidoidea
Take a trip under the sea into this interactive light-filled marvel! Inspired by the incandescent relationship between a clownfish and a sea anemone, you can manipulate the touch sensors yourself to create a glow of your own.  Come inside this staggering 15 ft. dome and get in touch with your inner glow!
Location: Performance Lawn, north side


Sea Creatures
by Aphidoidea
This installation honors the microscopic plankton organisms that are responsible for the first step in the food chain in our ecosystem. Composed of eighteen hanging sculptures that represent what plankton could look like if it was massively enlarged, explore the perspective of their unique sea luminescence. Go among and underneath these ordinarily invisible creatures!
Location: Performance Lawn, south side


Lighting Spectacular
Welcome to the “Lighting Spectacular”! Join us every 15 minutes for a unique and mesmerizing display of lights within and around the Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain. Winter’s glow has transformed this familiar sight into a dance of light, water, and music–all working in harmony for this holiday season.
Location: Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain


Grand Park in Lights
This 8 ft. high wall of fluctuating light bulbs celebrate Grand Park in marquee-like fashion. Snap a photo in front of our familiar lettering in our trademark pink, created by bulbs of varying styles, to show your pride in and love for the “Park for Everyone.” Gifs are especially welcomed to capture the lights in action!
Location: Adjacent to Grand Park holiday tree


Light Connection Tunnel
Take on a journey through a series of illuminated arches lined with glittering lights. As you walk under the splendor, the lights will move with you to create a sense of motion. As the accompanying soundscapes carry you along the way, weave in and out of this walkthrough experience. Engage with all of your senses and don’t forget to snap a photo!
Location: Olive Court


Hexagon Invert
Multiple 12 ft. light strands connect in a dazzling display on Grand Park’s Performance Lawn. This visually striking three-dimensional array of lights arch up in multiple directions to surround you in a multicolor glow. Laydown underneath or sit inside this inverted cupola and connect to the shine of this light-filled splendor.
Location: Performance Lawn


Winter’s Nebula
Become surrounded by an immersive darkroom projection experience on Grand Park’s performance stage. Step onto the stage and go into a space beyond to meet the video and projections emanating around you. Flowing images engulf and transport you into a dream-like world.  Take your moment to become a part of the art!
Location: Performance Lawn Stage


Glowing Geometric Garden
Take a stroll in this light-inspired garden made up of bulbs and LED tubes. Perfect for your next selfie. Submerge yourself in the glow of this unique Winter garden.
Location: north of Performance Lawn




by Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia
With piñatas having international roots in Mesoamerica as well as in China during the time of Marco Polo, today, these cultural icons are used in Christmas celebrations in Mexico and throughout the Mexican diaspora. Segovia’s Piñata, a 5-foot illuminated sculpture made of painted fiberglass, is inspired by and placed in honor of the multicultural community in Los Angeles.
Location: The Music Center Plaza (behind Mullin Wine Bar)


Illuminated Tree Forest
Found on The Music Center Plaza, guests can wander through a forest of inflated cone “trees” brightly lit in a rainbow of colors. This glow experience is designed in part by artist Doron Gazit of AirDD.
Location: The Music Center Plaza (in front of the Lipschitz Statue)



Information subject to change


Grand Park is an LA County park powered by The Music Center.

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